MCCH Center for Health and Wellness



Experience the Difference at the J. Stuart Poston Center for Health and Wellness

716 Poplar Street
Murray, KY 42071 

The Center for Health and Wellness was opened by Murray Calloway County Hospital in 2000. The J. Stuart Poston Center for Health and Wellness enhances the continuum of care delivered to our community by MCCH by providing comprehensive health promotion, wellness and rehabilitation services to the region.

At the Center for Health and Wellness, our mission is to provide quality services and resources that enable our community to attain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of wellness. Our programs include comprehensive lifestyle and fitness assessments; health, nutrition and fitness coaching by professional staff; and a variety of activities designed with our members' needs in mind.

Unlike most fitness centers, the Center for Health and Wellness is a medical fitness facility. We consider the whole person when helping you establish and reach your personal wellness goals. We can work with your physician to develop a safe and effective lifestyle improvement plan.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building strength and endurance, rehabilitation, competition or general conditioning, our programs and staff are here to provide safe effective workouts in a non-threatening environment.

Our professional and caring staff will engage you each step of the way on your journey to improved quality of life, improved overall fitness and reduced risk of chronic illness.

With just one visit, you will see the difference that sets us apart.

Experience the Difference at the Center for Health and Wellness.

What our members say about us:

"Ashley is always friendly and greets me by name." 

  "Abby is very kind."
  "Alyssa is a great personal trainer and is always helpful."
  "Bonnie and Blake go above and beyond. Amazing staff." 

  "Sean provides superior customer support and communication." 

  "Jordan explains which muscles are used and goes out of his way to be helpful." 

  "Kim always has time to talk if I have questions." 

  "Marley is very friendly and helpful." 

  "All employees great. Love the classes, Zumba, body pump - all of them." 

  "All three yoga instructors for the evening class are top notch." 

  "Everyone is great and very helpful and professional."
  "As a charter member of the wellness center, I have enjoyed every visit and it feels like a family center."