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Group Fitness

Our members join the Wellness Center for a wide range of reasons. Appreciating that everyone is unique, we offer a diverse mix of classes, programs and opportunities so you can customize your wellness experience.

From the relaxing postures of yoga to the high-octane workout of BodyPump, you'll find the perfect class to fit your preferences, schedule and fitness goals.

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Class Guidelines

  Children are not allowed in the gym during adult classes. 
  Participants may enter the gym and set up class equipment no earlier than 15 minutes prior to class time. 
  Class schedules are subject to change every 4-8 weeks. 
  Please adhere to our age boundaries for the class. 

Class Descriptions

MCCH Center for Health and Wellness
Body Pump
The original barbell class. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, this athletic-based workout uses barbells with adjustable weights to work every major muscle group in your body. Ages 16 years & up.
Instructors: Amy, Chris, Patrick & Tom

Cardio Kickboxing
Join Gerald McCuiston for an intense workout that includes punches, kicks and drills. It's sure to make you sweat! If you are looking for that extra cardiovascular challenge!
Instructor: Gerald 

Cardio Toning

Cardio Toning integrates aerobic fitness and resistance training by using medicine balls, stability balls, and resistance tubing! Cardio Toning will be a workout sure to empower you! Recommended for active adults and guarantees results.
Instructor: Chris Ward

Core Essentials
This fast paced class is for those looking to tone up their mid-section as well as improve overall fitness. The main focus of Core Essentials will be shredding fat and sculpting the abdominals.
Instructor: Chris Ward.

MCCH Center for Health and WellnessFit For Life
This class is for members 55 years or older. An invigorating environment that lets you socialize while toning and stretching your body. Great for people with arthritis or limited mobility.
Instructor: Sean


This Okinawa Karate based class is a fitness class for the entire family that can improve your performance of other activities, while learning real-world, self-defense skills.

Come spin and benefit from a group atmosphere with up-tempo music and coaching.  Prepare for fast intervals mixed in with slow, endurance training that is low impact on your joints.
Instructor:  Emmy

Yoga Your Way
For those looking to start a yoga class or those with yoga experience, then this is the class for you. The combination of stretching, deep breathing and core strengthening makes Yoga Your Way the right class for a healthy you!
Instructor: Stacey

Yoga Basics
Have you ever been intimidated to start in a new yoga class? If so, this is the class for you. Raylene will take you through this slow-paced stretching class with some simple breathing exercises and meditation. This is a good place to learn basic poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga.
Instructor: RayleneMCCH Center for Health and Wellness

Yoga with Cadelia
Join Cadelia for a slow gentle approach to yoga that encourages flexibility and strength. This class is designed to enhance your balance and restore a calm self-confidence at any age or level of ability.

Yoga with Joy
Practicing yoga with Joy makes one feel younger with heightened mental capacity. She teaches traditional postures that involve stretching, bending and breathing to relax tense and contracted muscles. Joy offers the tools for every student to develop a yoga discipline to practice on their own and throughout their lives.

Simply Yoga
A class for the person who is new to yoga. It is a gentle yoga class that will teach the basic yoga poses with proper alignment for each pose.
Instructor: Stacey


Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away! Zumba is an exhilarating one-hour dance party! Ages 12 years & up.
Instructor: Ashley

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is a new class being offered by the Center for Health and Wellness for patients with Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis.Rock Steady Boxing at MCCH




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