Posted 04/20/2016

MCCH Honors Volunteers
The many volunteers of Murray-Calloway County Hospital were recognized and thanked for their nearly 6,400 hours of service to MCCH in 2015 during the annual MCCH Volunteer Banquet Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at First Presbyterian Church.

The theme of the banquet was "Sweet as can BEE".  After a welcome by John Wilson, Vice President of Human Resources and invocation by Kerry Lambert, Chaplain, banquet attendees enjoyed a luncheon.  Jerry Penner, MCCH CEO, and Steve Owens, chair of the MCCH Board of Trustees, then gave expressions of appreciation before awards were handed out by Wilson and Linda Foley, Volunteer Coordinator.

The MCCH Auxiliary was formally begun in August of 1981 to serve as a volunteer organization to support MCCH.  Auxiliary members donated their time and money to the hospital and its mission of providing health care to the community.  Since 1981, volunteers have donated more than 87,400 total hours to MCCH.

Hospice volunteers recognized included Angelia Boyd, Patricia DeVeney, Judy Eldredge, Dorothy Hargrove, Vicki Kemp, Wanda Mullins, Doug Mullins, Sharon Myatt, Dixie Oliver, Katie Roach, and Mary Jane Roberson.

Three special awards were handed out:  Most Years at MCCH, Lillie Fuqua, 29 years (began volunteering in March 1987); Most Lifetime Hours, Gillard "Popeye" Ross, 9,850 hours and Ernestine Hargis, over 14,300 hours; Most Hours for the Past Year, Janet Fitch, 635.25.

Volunteers were recognized for their total number of hours accumulated in their lifetime of service to MCCH (recognized by every 100 hours volunteered).  Hargis topped the list at the 14,300 hour level, followed by Gillard "Popeye" Ross with 9,000 hours.  Other volunteers include:  Lillie Fuqua, 3,500 hours; Dorothy Hargrove, 3,100 hours; Walter Bradtke, Sue Webb, and Carol West, 2,600 hours each; Robert Bright, 2,500 hours; Betty Gallimore, 2,200 hours; Kathy Mowery, Jean Watkins and Carolyn Paschall, 2000 hours each; Jerry Hicks, 1900 hours: Betty Hassell, 1,700 hours; Janet Nichols, 1,000 hours; Janet Fitch, 900 hours; Judy Eldredge, 700 hours; Ruth Daughaday and Michelle Spencer, 300 hours; Vincent Beichner and Patricia DeVeney, 200 hours each; Carol Frashefski, Donna Slexander and Sharon Myatt, 100 hours each; Angelia Boyd, Annie Litwiller, Wanda Mullins, Dough Mullins, Dixie Oliver, Katie Roach, and Mary Jane Roberson; 0-99 hours each.

Two volunteer's not recording hours were also recognized:  Marie Taylor and John Mercado.

For more information on volunteering opportunities at MCCH, please call Linda Foley at 270.762.1902.

Pictured above are many of the volunteers of Murray-Calloway County Hospital, along with members of the administration, representing more than 90,000 lifetime hours of volunteer time.