Posted 05/02/2016

Rethink Your Drink ChallengeMurray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) employee, Malissa Suiter, started the Rethink Your Drink Challenge after receiving an email announcing the opportunity and explaining how much sugar she was consuming in sodas and juices throughout the day.

The Wellness Consortium Obesity Workgroup’s challenge encouraged participants to decrease their sugary drink consumption by half. Drinks were classified as red, yellow or green based on their sugar content. Red drinks consist of high sugar contents like regular soda, yellow drinks have low to moderate sugar and green drinks have zero sugar like water and low-fat milk. Each participant was given a recording tool to track their daily beverage consumption.

Malissa lost weight which encouraged her to continue to rethink her drink even after the challenge because of the good effects it had on her health.

“Always give something a try, sometimes you end up surprising yourself,” said Malissa when asked about why she began the challenge.

The Obesity Workgroup is planning a physical activity challenge to begin in Fall 2016. If you are interested in changing our culture, call 270-762-1837.