Posted 06/03/2016

Carla Talley began on April 23, 1973 and after 43 years of service to Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) has decided to retire from Fiscal Services.

Talley began her career with MCCH as an admitting clerk and was promoted to admitting supervisor where she spent over 10 years in these roles. She transferred into her current position as Accounts Payable where she has spent the last 30 + years.

"I fully intended to do something else but what made me stay at MCCH for my entire career has been the people and I really like my job," Carla said.  "You couldn't believe all that my work family did for me during some of my most difficult times."

Carla had her share of difficult times with the loss of her son Brian after a car accident.  She said her work family motivated her, and her job helped her cope and move forward during this time.  The biggest influence was the late Lola James who served as the Director of the Business Office for many years.

"She was such a hard worker and just a good, fair person who made you want to do a good job.  She called us "Lola's girls'," said Talley.

Carla says she's always enjoyed working with numbers and her job is just a part of who she is.  As the Accounts Payable Specialist she pays the bills for every department within the hospital, handles follow ups on payments and creates balance reports.  She is a loyal and dedicated employee who enjoys her work.  Through her years of service she's seen many changes, noting that when she first started working everything was completed on paper and very little was done on a computer.

"This hospital is a great place to work and I feel privileged to have worked with so many good people," said Carla.

When not at work, Carla enjoys gardening and reading.  She is looking forward to spending more time with her family; including Ross, her husband of 44 years, Deanna, her daughter, her sister Lynn, and her dog Molly.

She also enjoysgoing to the Smokey Mountains every year after Christmas with her husband and would very much like to make that trip more than just once a year.

Carla says she's really excited to devote some time to her family without being so tired after work.  She's ready to figure out what one does when they retire.

Pictured is Carla Talley (center) with co-workers and retirees in the Business Office and Fiscal Services.