Posted 06/08/2016

On June 8, 2016, the surgical staff at Murray-Calloway County Hospital will join other hospitals and ambulatory centers across the nation in recognizing the 12th annual Time Out Day. Taking a “time out” to confirm correct patient, correct procedure, correct surgical site and other important information before every operative and other invasive procedure is a requirement of The Joint Commission Universal Protocol.

Communication before, during and after a surgical procedure can be crucial to the success of the operation. Staff at Murray-Calloway County Hospital ensure proper communication through a “time out” before every procedure. During this time, all staff involved in the procedure pause to communicate as a group and confirm key information about the patient and procedure to help prevent errors from occurring. Since the introduction of the Surgical Safety Checklist used in the “time out,” research has shown improved teamwork and communication, reduced morbidity and mortality and enhanced compliance with safety measures.

Time Out Day was created by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) in 2004 to reinforce the importance of patient safety and prevent wrong patient, wrong site and wrong procedures from occurring. It has been consistently supported by The Joint Commission and the World Health Organization as a key strategy for increasing awareness of safe practices that lead to positive outcomes for patients. It has also been endorsed by the Council on Surgical and Perioperative Safety, a coalition of seven professional organizations (AORN included) that are focused on the care of the surgical patient.

That is why the staff at MCCH commemorate National Time Out Day with a public commitment to patients, their loved ones and the entire surgical community that they will always take time out for every patient, every time.

Photos by Jill Asher / Murray-Calloway County Hospital
Team members in the Surgery department participate in a "time out" during a surgical procedure to give everyone an opportunity to communicate and confirm key information about the operation to help prevent errors from occurring.