Posted 06/14/2016

Beth Henson Director of Perioperative Services at MCCHMurray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) names Beth Henson, RN, as the new Director of Perioperative Services.  

Henson has been at MCCH just over two years where she began as a Circulator and was quickly promoted just a few months later to Surgery Coordinator. Prior to working at MCCH, she worked as an OR Circulator at Lourdes from 2012-2014. Henson received her Registered Nursing Degree (RN) at WKCTC and is currently finishing her Bachelors of Nursing.

As the Director of Perioperative Services she will handle the day to day operations of all areas within surgery including: Outpatient and Inpatient Surgery, Recovery, and Sterile Supply. Henson is responsible for ensuring the department complies with the Joint Commission surgery standards, AORN recommendations, updating policies and procedures and educating the staff on these. Her new role entails supervision of around 60 hospital staff and hands on communication with the surgeons.

“Communication is always the biggest challenge and I want to work on improving communication and working more cohesively as a department,” said Henson. “I also want to make sure we stay current with new technology that not only fits with our surgeon’s needs, but also offers the best care to our community”.

Henson is from Marshall County and has two daughters, Amber 21, and Ashley, 24. She is the proud grandmother of Laurel who is 3 months old and has another grandchild on the way. Beth has been married to her husband Keith for almost 25 years. When she’s not working or studying, Beth enjoys hiking, camping, reading and traveling to the mountains.