Posted 06/14/2016

Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) is proud to recognize Gary Harper, RN, DNP as the new Director of Medical and Pediatric Unit.

Harper has worked in various roles at MCCH where he started as an orderly in the Emergency Department and Long Term Care, became a Certified Nursing Assistant where he worked in the Medical Surgical Unit, and went on to complete his Registered Nursing degree (RN) at WKCTC. After completing his RN degree, he worked in the Critical Care Unit for several years and for the past four years has been working in the Progressive Care Unit part-time while teaching nursing at WKCTC in Paducah.

Just recently Harper completed his Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Capella University. In 2011, he received his Master’s Degree in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing. He chose a career in nursing for many reasons, but said it all comes down to caring for those in need.

“I wanted to keep advancing my education and after I got my masters I just needed one more degree to be considered an expert in my field, so I pursued my doctorate,” said Harper. “Out of 3.7 million nurses, only 2% across the US have their doctorate and I’m proud to be one of the 2 we have right here at MCCH.”

“I’m excited to advance into a leadership role and am excited about the opportunity to be a Director at MCCH and to guide the future generations of nurses to provide better care to patients,” he said.

In his new role he will assume new responsibilities and manage the 4th Floor Medical and Pediatric Unit where he will oversee the day to day operations and nursing staff.

The nursing leadership team will be focused on including more research based practice to promote health and wellness for the community and for chronic illnesses. They are also developing strategies to improve and prevent the re-admission for chronically ill patients.

Originally from Dover, Tenn., Harper lives in Almo and has worked at MCCH for almost 17 years. He has two daughters, Arista, 21, and Tana, 19. He enjoys writing and has published an online book called Moral Distress: Understanding Its Effects on Nurses and the Nursing Profession and is in the process of completing another book on Compassion Fatigue. When he’s not working, Gary enjoys hiking, fishing, reading and going to the movies.