Posted 07/27/2016

MCCH supports local athleticsMurray-Calloway County Hospital is continuing its support of local athletes as fall sports season begins at local middle and high schools.  

With a focus on keeping local athletes healthy and active, the hospital provided more than 450 free sports physicals over the summer. The average physical costs a family $100, but Murray-Calloway County Hospital coordinated a team of 15 volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and 36 other volunteers to give their time and provide them free of charge. The result was an estimated $50,000 saved by local families and several hundreds of local athletes cleared to participate in sports.

MCCH has donated AED units to both schools, offers free membership at the Center for Health and Wellness and also supports the school nurse program in both districts.

The free sports physicals offered over the summer could not have been made possible without the help of numerous volunteers: Dr. Mehdi Ahmadi, Dr. Clegg Austin, Dr. David Bryson, Dr. Jackie Milo, Dr. Stephen Compton, Dr. Ghanshyam Shastri, Dr. Susan Heffley, Dr. Derek Morgan, Dr. David Koelsch, Dr. Alison Ford, Linda Smith, PA, Alysha Taylor, PA, Lacy McKeel, APRN, Jennie Bourne, APRN, Faye Austin APRN, Nicole Hudson, RN, Susan Burkeen, RN, Rita Peal, Ashley Futrell, Terri Futrell, Melissa Dodd, Eric Bourne, RN, Lacy Cleaver, Beverly Dukes, Mitzi Cathy, Carla Rossi, RN, Rhonda Smith, RN, Margaret Fritts, RN, Beth Copeland, LPN, Lisa Rister, RN, Janice Wallace, RN, Michelle Jones, RN, Ryan Dawson, Mike Farley, Kristie Dukes, Jana Barnet, Becky Maxwell, LPN, Tina Ryan, RN, Amy Grogan, RN, Kathy Alexander, LPN, Janie Hale, RN, Suzanne Hale, LPN, Ginger Hale, LPN, RN, Kylie Collins, Nichole Barton, Stacie Austin, Kim Evans, Josh Price, Stacey Schroeder and Kelli Phelps.