Posted 08/12/2016

MCCH recently received The Ohio State University’s “Academy for Excellence in Healthcare” scholarship. This competitive healthcare scholarship is worth $36,000 with only one winner.

A team from MCCH traveled to Ohio State to learn more about quality standards for hospitals. This team consisted of: Mary Sue Hubbard, RN, BSN, CPHQ, Director Quality Management and Risk Manager; Sheila Walker, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy; Gary Harper, DNP, RN, Director of 4 South; Shelly Ameling, RN, BSN, Charge Nurse 4 South; and Jeff Eye, RN, MSN, Vice President of Patient Care Services who went as the Team’s Executive Leadership Sponsor.

The Academy for Excellence in Healthcare is a collaboration between The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and Cardinal Health - committed to improving the operations and outcomes of the nation’s health care providers. The program has been designed to help health care organizations identify and solve their greatest operating challenges, ultimately driving results that can significantly reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

This team learned the tools necessary to reduce readmission rates, improve quality standards and much more while at the conference. Courses included: the DNA of continuous improvement and structured problem solving, visual management: A3 problem solving and value-stream mapping, identifying process waste and root cause, preventative risk analysis, lean management system: standard work, daily accountability, project report-outs / reflections and leader standard work: supporting and maintaining the system.

“We are excited to apply what we have learned as a team to our everyday tasks in the hospital. Representing MCCH at a nationwide conference such as this shows that we are strong as a company and willing to take the steps needed to be the best we can be for our patients,” said Mary Sue Hubbard, RN.

MCCH is hoping to “reduce the number of inpatient re-admissions within 30 days on 4 South by less than 3% per month from baseline by reducing preventable readmission factors related to chronic diseases,” as stated in the project problem statement submitted to The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

For more information, please contact marketing at 270-762-1382.