Posted 11/16/2016

Wellness ConsortiumIn October 2016, the Murray-Calloway County Wellness Consortium’s Obesity Workgroup implemented a physical activity challenge called “Get Moving Calloway!” During this challenge, Calloway County citizens were encouraged to get up and get moving. A calendar style recording tool was used to keep up with how much each participant moved.

“The idea was to help make Calloway County more aware of their physical activity level” states Susan Burkeen, Coordinator of the Obesity Workgroup. 
The first week was designed to be a baseline level of physical activity, so each participant could have an idea of how much physical activity they get in a “normal” week; with a goal of increasing that number throughout the challenge.

This challenge was utilized by wellness programs from the City of Murray, Vanderbilt Chemical, Pella, Iwis, Heritage Bank, Murray State University, Murray-Calloway County Hospital, Calloway County Health Department, Murray Independent and Calloway County Schools and the WATCH Center. This challenge was a part of an overall physical activity campaign that began in August.

Cathy Morris, Human Resources Manager of the City of Murray states,“The City of Murray has participated in both the Rethink Your Drink challenge and the Get Moving Calloway challenge. Participants in the Rethink Your Drink challenge continue to be more aware of the impact sugary drinks have to overall weight and glucose levels. The Get Moving challenge helped to encourage participants to get out of their chairs and move. Deciding to participate was a win for the City of Murray and for our participants. For some, it started or renewed focus and for others it helped keep them on track leading all participants on the road to better health.”

Heidi Burton, City of Murray employee states, “I am the Procurement Specialist for the Public Works Department and did not realize how much I sit at my job. I recorded my physical activity on daily basis and tried to increase my activity a little every day, at work and at home. I made some small changes to my daily life style and have noticed an impact on how I feel physically and mentally. I will continue to participate in the wellness program and encourage Murray to get up and move!”

Murray Elementary School participated as a school wide program. Murray High School health classes also participated in the challenge. Calloway County School District is currently participating in the challenge.

At the end of October, 313 recording tools were returned to the Obesity Workgroup. The participants increased from a baseline of 80,633 minutes the first week to 122,100 minutes during the fourth week.

This represents an increase of 41,467 minutes over the four weeks—which equals to an average increase of approximately 132 minutes per person.

“The challenge was a success! We hoped to increase the minutes of physical activity in Calloway County…and we did!” states Susan Burkeen.

This campaign and challenge are a part of the 5 year strategic plan set by the Obesity Workgroup. There will be another campaign in 2017 that is focused on making good nutritional choices.

The Obesity Workgroup works to change our culture to change our future. If you are interested in more information about this challenge or the Obesity Workgroup, please call 270-762-1837 or visit