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Nutrition Counseling / Nutrition Therapy

One of the benefits of the Center for Health and Wellness is having a nutrition professional available to assist you in reaching your weight management and health related goals.  A well-balanced diet will increase your energy, is associated with improved memory and mood, prevents high blood pressure, helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and helps to manage existing chronic health conditions.

With her office located in the Center for Health and Wellness, our Registered and Licensed Dietitian is here to meet with you to identify areas of nutritional concern and set realistic goals to improve nutrition. She will provide education, accountability and support to help you make the changes you need to be successful in reaching your goals.

Nutrition Counseling at MCCHNutrition Counseling is available to everyone, however CHW members receive a 15% discount for these self-pay services. Payment can be paid at the time of service or be placed on your monthly statement.

Have you struggled...

  with multiple attempts to lose weight
    to manage or prevent a medical condition without medication
    to achieve your health and fitness goals

Do you...

    find your self using food for comfort in times of crisis, high emotion or boredom
    find that you are tired, sluggish, and out of energy by the end of the day

  want a way to boost your performance in sports, the gym or everyday life

  need help to understand how proper nutrition can reduce risk factors for diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

...but don't know where to turn?

Don't give up, get help!  Our registered dietitians can help you:

    Analyze your past and current eating habits 
    Learn about food choices that can benefit you the most based on age, gender, weight, family medical history, etc. 
    Discover how to get over obstacles that have caused you to fail in the past 
    Adopt healthy eating habits based on your wellness goals 

Call 270.762.1854 to schedule an appointment today!

Nutrition Therapy at MCCH

Nutrition Therapy

The Nutrition Center at Murray-Calloway County Hospital assists patients who must modify their diets due to illness. We also serve a community of people needing information and encouragement to change their eating habits in hopes of preventing future health problems.

The length of a nutrition therapy session is individualized to meet the needs of each patient and includes a detailed review of your diet and medical history. Appointments at the MCCH Nutrition Center can be made by your personal physician or you may call Nutrition Services at 1.800.342.6224 or 270.762.1854.