Posted 01/11/2018

MC Endowment Receives Transfer of Funds
Pictured from left to right:  Suzanne Seeley, RD, LD, Nutrition Coordinator; Erica Brown,
RN, Lighten Up Calloway Coordinator and MCCH VP of Development Keith Travis.

The Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare recently received a transfer of funds from an account known as Diabetes Taking Control that was initiated by the Diabetic Support Group.  

The Diabetic Support Group established the fund in 1989 to provide funding for children in the Murray and Calloway community to attend a week long Diabetic summer camp. The account was funded through various donations and annual bike-a-thons. Throughout the years the account had become dormant with the shift in focus to new community programs such as the Wellness Consortium and Lighten Up Calloway.

With the change in direction, Suzanne Seeley, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, wanted to see the money reinvested into the community for similar programs, in which it was originally intended. Seeley and the MCCH team of nutrition specialists decided to donate the money to the Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare, to be invested into the Lighten Up Calloway program through the Wellness Consortium.

“We know the funds will be used wisely and want to see it put back into our area’s youth for healthy community living,” Seeley said.

The funds will once again be used to help fund summer camps for children in the Murray and Calloway community, providing healthy lunches, education, physical activities, sponsoring guest speakers and providing scholarships. The goal is to keep kids active, resulting in healthier lifestyles and promoting healthy food choices in today’s youth.

Erica Brown, Lighten Up Calloway Coordinator said, “Lighten Up Calloway is so grateful for this donation. The funds will help provide campers with many opportunities and we hope to expand the camp in the future!”  

Lighten Up Calloway received $8080.00 through the transfer of funds.

For more information on the Lighten Up Calloway program, contact Erica Brown at (270) 762-1837.

To learn more about the mission of the Endowment, visit or call (270) 762-1908.