Posted 01/17/2018

Jadi McBride Murray PediatricsJadi McBride, RN, Office Manager has been employed at Murray Pediatrics for six years. She recently received her International Board Certification as a Lactation Consultant.

To obtain this distinguished board certification, McBride was required to complete 1000 clinic hours and 90 classroom hours, prior taking the exam. With this certification, she can now offer lactation consultation to expectant and current breastfeeding mothers within the Murray Pediatrics office. The service is an excellent extension and continuation of the lactation consultation new mothers receive during their stay at the hospital, at the time of delivery.

McBride says she looks forward to continuing her passion for caring for pediatric patients and partnering with parents in promoting breastfeeding. Her goal is to use the knowledge she has from her training, as well as her personal experience in breastfeeding to assist mothers in their own breastfeeding journey.

Aside from her duties as Office Manager and Lactation Consultant at Murray Pediatrics, McBride lives in Tennessee with her husband and children, enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, cooking and hunting. She has an Associate’s Degree in Science, an Associate’s Degree in Arts focusing in early childhood education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Murray State University, and her most recent addition of International Board Certification for Lactation Consultation.

“I’m so excited to offer this service to families in our region and to be able to walk hand in hand with them as they navigate the path of breastfeeding,” McBride stated.

For more information on Lactation Consultation services, contact Murray Pediatrics at (270) 759-9223.