Posted 03/01/2018

 MCCH Radiology Upgrades Ultrasound
PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kaci Blackford, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Heidi Hordyk, Director of Radiology, Jana Barnett, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Bryan McManus, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Radiologic Technologist.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital continues to invest in technology to care for patients in our region. Most recently by upgrading the Ultrasound equipment used in the Radiology Department to a more advanced system known as the CARESTREAM Touch Prime XE Ultrasound System which is used for general diagnostic imaging. 

“When we evaluated ultrasound systems we quickly discovered that the Touch Prime XE ultrasound model offers innovative features that help with infection control, provide better ergonomics for sonographers and deliver user-specific programming,” said Heidi Hordyk, Director of Radiology at Murray-Calloway County Hospital.

Carestream’s Touch Prime XE offers a flat, sealed console that allows easy cleaning to help reduce the risk of infection. The system is adjustable to accommodate all scanning positions, which can help reduce repetitive stress injuries. The swipe of a badge activates each sonographer’s preferences and presets. And the system is much easier to drive and is more maneuverable than other ultrasound systems, according to Ms. Hordyk.

A user-specified programming feature allows sonographers to use preset parameters for each type of exam. “This feature is extremely important in our obstetrics unit where OB/GYN specialists worked with our sonographers to define programmed settings that deliver the specific imaging details needed to make an accurate diagnosis,” said Ms. Hordyk.

For more information about the new Ultrasound technology, call the Marketing Department at 270.762.1381.