Posted 04/18/2018

 MCCH Celebrates Occupational Therapy Week
Pictured from left to right: Kayla Wathen, OTR/L and Stuart Short, Spring Creek Health Care Rehabilitation patient. 

April is National Occupational Therapy Month. MCCH is taking the opportunity to recognize the licensed Occupational Therapy staff members that work in a variety of settings throughout the organization. 

The 2018 theme is “Empowering Independence” for clients in a wide range of settings, in which skilled Occupational Therapy services might be provided.

Occupational Therapy involves the use of treatments to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills of individuals with a physical, mental or developmental condition. Therapy interventions focus on adapting the environment, modifying tasks, teaching a skill, and educating the client and family to increase participation in performance of daily activities, specifically those that are meaningful to the client.

Skilled Occupational Therapy might be appropriate following an injury, illness or surgery. Occupational Therapy is available in the inpatient hospital setting, inpatient rehab unit, skilled nursing facilities or in an outpatient setting. Occupational Therapists at MCCH also work with children to overcome developmental delays and adults following head injuries or surgery.

Regardless of the treatment setting, client’s age, or illness; the goal of Occupational Therapy is to “Empower Independence” for the client.

To find out more about Occupational Therapy services, visit or call (270) 762-1854 for additional information.