Posted 09/05/2018

PICTURED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Traci Lawrence, MCCH Senior Philanthropy Officer; Luke Crawford, Rotary Club of Murra; Carmen Garland, Rotary Club of Murray; Cathy Morris, Rotary Club of Murray; Dave Howe, Rotary Club of Murray; Don Rowlett, Rotary Club of Murray and Keith Travis, MCCH Chief Philanthropy Officer. Not pictured, Dan Hicks, Murray Calloway Area Technology Center Principal.

The Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare, along with Rotary Club of Murray and Murray Calloway County Area Technology Center are providing a necessary service to our community through C.A.R.T. production.  C.A.R.T. stands for Calloway Area Ramp Team. The team consists of students participating in the carpentry class at the Area Technology Center.

C.A.R.T. constructs and installs ramps specifically designed for each individual need presented. There are three parts to the team. The first group measures and evaluates the area in which the ramp will be placed. Construction of the ramp follows at the Area Technology Center, and lastly a separate group of community volunteers installs the finished product at the home of the individual in need.

Ramps are costly and often unattainable for those who need them. Recipients of ramps constructed by C.A.R.T. are asked to pay for the production, but ramps are donated at no charge if the individual is unable to afford the costs of the ramp.

Murray-Calloway County Hospital is home to an Acute Inpatient Rehab Facility, in which patients are often discharged, needing additional equipment, at home, such as ramps. C.A.R.T. is assisting in the continuum of care by providing this service to the Calloway community.

“This has been a demonstrated need that has already been supported by a group in Marshall County, and has presented to be a need in Calloway, and now we are fulfilling that need,” said Keith Travis, MCCH Chielf Philanthropy Officer.

The Calloway Area Ramp Team is made possible through generous donations from the Rotary Club of Murray, who has donated $2500.00, as well as support from the Murray Calloway Endowment for Healthcare.

For more information contact Keith Travis at 270.762.1908.

The Murray-Calloway Endowment for Healthcare supports MCCH and the community through numerous philanthropic opportunities such as construction of the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House, purchase of new, state-of-the-art medical equipment and more. For more information, visit