During National Diabetes month, The Center for Health and Health and Wellness of Murray Hospital is promoting awareness of diabetes with screenings and an open house. The public is invited to participate in education and diabetes screening on Wednesday November 14th, World Diabetes Day. 

Diabetes, a chronic long lasting disease that effects how your body uses food for energy, can cause many devastating health problems including heart disease, stroke, limb amputation, end-stage kidney disease, blindness – and death. Currently 9 percent of the population in the United States and 14 percent in Kentucky has diabetes, and 1 in 4 people don’t know they have it. Among the different types of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent, and the most preventable. In addition, health experts now recognize pre-diabetes, a condition where blood glucose is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes, as being a risk factor for the same conditions as diabetes.

In Calloway County, over 30% of the adult population is considered obese and 20% don’t get enough physical activity, two major risks factors for type 2 diabetes. It is important for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to eat healthy, be physically active and maintain a healthy weight.

“Diabetes awareness has improved over the past 10 years, but there are still a lot of misconceptions out there.” says Keena Miller, Director of Health and Wellness at Murray Hospital. “Diabetes effects many decisions a person makes throughout every day. It’s not just about what to eat, but when to see their doctor, how much and what kind of exercise to do, and how to take medications.” Miller points out that because health care costs of a person with diabetes is 2 times greater than someone without diabetes, it can also be a financial burden on the family.

The Wellness Center is screening for diabetes and cholesterol from 6 – 9 am on November 14. A 12 hour fast is required. Other activities during the open house include nutrition information, give-a-ways and special membership discounts all day long, free chair massages from 9 am to noon and free samples from FitMeals Murray from 4 pm – 6 pm.

Other activities during the month of November include a nutrition talk at the Wellness Center on November 19th titled “Know the Basics” at 9 am. The program will cover types of diabetes, ways to reduce your risk of developing diabetes and steps to take if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

For more information call 270-762-1348 or visit the Wellness Center Facebook page at

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