Posted 04/23/2019

SPRING CREEK HEALTH CARE REHAB PROGRAM HELPING MURRAY WOMANA retired nurse from Murray-Calloway County Hospital, Ms. Dorothy Higginbotham had a personal connection with how a patient should receive care. Dorothy, 89 years of age from Murray attended St. Elizabeth Hospital’s School of Nursing in Dayton, Ohio. She received her BSN from Murray State University after she was 40 years of age. She worked at MCCH for 19 years.

Her nursing career covered 48 years. She practiced as a nurse traveling throughout the US and in Germany until she moved to Murray to be closer to her parents and raise her three children, Kathy, JC, and Jerome. Kathy is her caretaker and lives with her in Murray.

Life is not easy but it is interesting, she stated after returning to the Rehab Facility for her fourth time at Spring Creek Health Care. Ms. Higginbotham has suffered a fractured ankle, pneumonia and sepsis during one of her visits. She has undergone two knee replacements, completed her therapy and most recently had an additional surgery for a revision on her right knee after falling and displacing her tibia and fibula and suffering from chronic fluid build-up of the lower extremities.

She said she really appreciates the level of involvement from the medical staff including her physician, Dr. Richard Blalock as well as Dr. Derek Morgan who completed her most recent surgery.

“I think it’s a good place and we’re lucky community to have a facility like this that provides good therapy. I work great with all the staff, the people are friendly and the care is excellent,” Dorothy said. “If I end up having to have a nursing facility this is the place I would choose to live.”

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Pictured above:  Ms. Dorothy Higginbotham

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