Lisa Bromley

Lisa Bromley, RMA (AMT) Lab Assistant at Murray-Calloway County Hospital will be honored in July for several achievements. Lisa has worked at MCCH for 12 years.  

Bromley has also been a phlebotomy instructor at WKCTC for 10 years and has been teaching new employees at MCCH for 12 years.

“I love teaching, I love students and the interaction with those eager to learn and do things right. I have a strong work ethic and belief in hard work,” said Lisa.

She has been a member of the Kentucky State Board of American Medical Technologists for 13 years and most recently has been elected as Vice President where she will serve a two-year term. She has been selected to travel to Trinidad and Tobago this October where she will be a guest speaker at the international conference. She is also on the American Medical Technologists national Board of Directors representing 80,000 members serving a three-year term.

During the in July conference, Bromley will be presented with the following two awards: Distinguished Achievement Award and the Gem Award for going the extra mile and serving as chair of student activities for three years.

“Teaching and learning is a big part of medical care and it is very important to have trained people. I love the hospital – its’ been a great place to work and we have such a good team that is able to nurture and watch new employees grow,” she said.

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Pictured above, left to right: Lacey Wilder, CMA, Amanda James, CNA, Amber Jones, Office Staff and Lisa Bromley, Medical Technologist